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kocie atelier    Cat's Atelier

środa, 31 maja 2017

Absolem, the Caterpillar

Smoking his hookah, Blue Caterpillar
awaits someone and some transformation.
as I do.
There are always some references
 between the lines about my life.

I just regret having that bad camera, that pics are not
sharp enough; this quality takes a lot from the drawing.

Until next time,
awaiting some transformation,

sowa. an owl

If only I posted when I do something on more regular basis..
 there are several pieces in progress, so hopefully soon
I'll post some more.
I have particular fondness of owls, well, many animals
that I feel connected with..
Those drawings will be touched with watercolour some time in future...
haha. I always write that. some day, some time in future...

Do następnego,

piątek, 31 marca 2017

roses, structural technique. Róże, technika strukturalna.

Just a try, nice technique, but one needs to be fast with skim coat - this is what I used to create this structure. Unluckily, I do not own acrylic paints ( not anymore, at least ) , didn't need them for such a long time... so I used oil paints. I knew that it wouldn't be the best option and the best result - but you work with what you've got. So, the outcome, I may present :

The purpose was to make the roses stand out from the canvas. Sort of mission accomplished.

Nighty night folks.

niedziela, 12 marca 2017

moore trees. zadrzewiona

Zakręcona w skręcanie drucików, dwie sztuki znalazły już swoich właścicieli, drzewo "jabłkowe" zostawiam sobie.

Well, "apple willow tree" stays at my place,
 dream catcher like tree, more spatial and more sunny - was given to my dear friend, who helps me with
vicious computers
 This one, reminded me of a birch ( they - trees - look different in "reality" ). Initially, I just wanted to connect metal, wood and stone ( materials: wooden beads, wire, stone ) But there is one nuisance: I ate cookies during making the tree - and now, it looks like a COOKIE TREE.

Meanwhile, checking whether or not I forgot how to draw.

poniedziałek, 27 lutego 2017

Tree of life, wire bending. Drzewo życia zaginanie przestrzeni drucikowej.

Well, I hooked on wire wrapping art.
Tree of Life theme got stuck in my mind so, here it is, my first try:

next one - still under construction.
I see countless handcraftsmen who have done countless pieces of art, advanced  far beyond my own achievements. Should I stop tinkering because of that? Is this pointless because everything seems to be done already and showing anything that I've done is pointless because there is so much out there? Nevertheless, how poor my products may be I would' ve gone mad without any artistic expression in my ordinary life. So I sometimes decide to share. Apparently I've got a lot and not enough to share. How strange.

sobota, 7 stycznia 2017

Tangled. Zaplątani

I've just received an email from my happy customer and news about even happier shirt's recipient so I can post a pic of this one:

a shirt charged with utter happiness.
a pleasure to paint the theme , 'coz I can completely relate to the main character
( sweet ambivalence ^,^ ), at least at times...
though dragged me to my knees considering details and haunting inner perfectionist.
though perfection is non-existent.
I keep telling myself this, THOUGH it is an advantage of this craft - it even shouldn't be perfect because it'd lose its uniqueness. If it was to be same as the image that you may have come across - why not print it. ( ? ) The technique has its limitations...or possibilities , one could say.

Philosophically speaking,
wishing you all nighty night,

niedziela, 1 stycznia 2017

dream catchers cdn.

It's been a while , since I've written anything , though there's much going on on every level .
Considering handmade , two dream catchers were made , one of them was "too much" so I finished it just not to leave it unfinished and for practise .
So , first one , the brown one , supplemented with amber . I learnt that one should not use too thick thread . Thin one looks more natural , just better .
Second one was made with special intention: to be an amulet for protection while driving .
I like it .
Have a look , folks .


Still knitting that scarf , in the meantime , was an order for a shirt , pics soon .