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kocie atelier    Cat's Atelier

wtorek, 27 lutego 2018

March Hare Marcowy Zajac

Tego jeszcze nie wrzucilam - choc zmalowany kilka miesiecy temu!

March Hare, when still in "Alice in Wonderland" mood,
I felt this picture: the hare is soo heart - moving ...



and my interpretation:

I'm absolutely aware it's not perfect and can't compare to the original. However, it's different technique ( oil ) therefore different outcome.
I like it though, maybe it'll receive some additional final touches to improve it.
 Improved version shall be posted.

Nighty night Darlings,

środa, 31 maja 2017

Absolem, the Caterpillar

Smoking his hookah, Blue Caterpillar
awaits someone and some transformation.
as I do.
There are always some references
 between the lines about my life.

I just regret having that bad camera, that pics are not
sharp enough; this quality takes a lot from the drawing.

Until next time,
awaiting some transformation,

sowa. an owl

If only I posted when I do something on more regular basis..
 there are several pieces in progress, so hopefully soon
I'll post some more.
I have particular fondness of owls, well, many animals
that I feel connected with..
Those drawings will be touched with watercolour some time in future...
haha. I always write that. some day, some time in future...

Do następnego,