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kocie atelier    Cat's Atelier

środa, 31 maja 2017

Absolem, the Caterpillar

Smoking his hookah, Blue Caterpillar
awaits someone and some transformation.
as I do.
There are always some references
 between the lines about my life.

I just regret having that bad camera, that pics are not
sharp enough; this quality takes a lot from the drawing.

Until next time,
awaiting some transformation,

sowa. an owl

If only I posted when I do something on more regular basis..
 there are several pieces in progress, so hopefully soon
I'll post some more.
I have particular fondness of owls, well, many animals
that I feel connected with..
Those drawings will be touched with watercolour some time in future...
haha. I always write that. some day, some time in future...

Do następnego,

piątek, 31 marca 2017

roses, structural technique. Róże, technika strukturalna.

Just a try, nice technique, but one needs to be fast with skim coat - this is what I used to create this structure. Unluckily, I do not own acrylic paints ( not anymore, at least ) , didn't need them for such a long time... so I used oil paints. I knew that it wouldn't be the best option and the best result - but you work with what you've got. So, the outcome, I may present :

The purpose was to make the roses stand out from the canvas. Sort of mission accomplished.

Nighty night folks.